Schlagwort: Namibia

Workshop/Gruppendiskussion im Freien

Foto: Manjana Tausendfreund

Wissenstransfer Biodiversität English Landnutzung Transdisziplinarität Wissenschaftskommunikation

Avoiding pitfalls in knowledge transfer. A guide using the example of communication with Namibian land users

Transdisciplinary research ideally builds upon both scientific approaches and practical knowledge from stakeholders. However, in advanced stages of the research process, how should the knowledge transfer of relevant research results to local stakeholders take place? The example of Namibian land users shows that knowledge has to be prepared and communicated in a target group-specific way. The more you know about the target group in question and the earlier you take the upcoming knowledge transfer into account, the easier this process will be. Although there are phases during the transfer process during which the focus is on the transfer of knowledge from research to practice, it is important not to view this communication process as a one-way street, but as a genuine dialogue.